banana bread

Banana bread,



The banana bread has become in a few years an indispensable of breakfasts and brunches.  

Today, I use the banana bread recipe of Lili Barbery-Coulon in her adorable book Pimp my Breakfast

But you can also use any recipe you like of banana bread.   


banana bread lili

Huile d'olive Italienne Intense


Substitute butter,



It's no longer a surprise : at home, we cook only with olive oil. Yes, even for our pastries ! It is definitely better for your health, and your cakes will be even more soft on the inside.  

For this recipe, I use our Extra Virgin olive oil L’Italienne Intense. It's organic and perfectly matches the flavors of banana and lemon in the cake.  

It takes approximatively 60 grams of olive oil to replace 75 grams of butter.    


banana bread huile

pince of salt



In this case, Lili's recipe recommends to use salted butter, I have  simply added a pinch of salt to the batter. 

And for the final touch, I love crumbling a few walnuts in order to give some texture to the banana bread. 



banana bread huile d'olive

Once the cooking is over, take your cake out of the oven and leave to rest for a few minutes. And then enjoy, your  banana bread is ready !  



banane bread


Think of using ripe bananas for your recipe : the more ripe, the more flavors you will get in your banana bread. 

Finally, if you want to serve the cake for breakfast but, like me, you run out of time every morning, it's not a problem. Prepare your banana bread the day before and leave it rest for the night : it will be even more delicious the morning after. 



banana bread cappuccino

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huile italienne